The District water supply comes from Pico Creek. Pico Creek is a perennial stream that fluctuates based on groundwater levels in the upstream watershed as well as rainfall. The groundwater basin associated with the creek is the sole source of potable water for the community. The community is approximately 100 acres in size and has a residential and commercial (tourist centric) component.


The District’s well field consists of two primary production wells. Well # 1 was constructed in 1952; Well # 2 was constructed in 1967. Located north of the District Office this well field draws water from the Pico Creek underflow. The State Water Resources Control Board permits the District of San Simeon to divert up to 140 acre-feet of water per calendar year at a rate of .27 cubic feet per second.

The District has one reservoir that provides 150,000 gallons (0.15 MG) of regulatory, fire, and emergency storage. The most recent Water Master Plan (2007) determined that 19 percent of historic water consumption was attributed to residential uses, 3 percent was attributed to commercial uses, 57 percent was attributed to hotel/motel use, 13 percent to restaurant uses, and 7 percent was attributed to other uses.


Reverse Osmosis Unit

The District installed a Reverse Osmosis Unit in July of 2016. This equipment is used to treat brackish and mineral heavy community water from the existing well field. This equipment is used only during high chloride events exceeding 250 mg/L. The technology, purchased through an American based company in Minnesota, called Wigen Technologies, is capable of treating of up to 3500 mg/L. Staff obtained two grants to fund the RO project. The first was, a USDA grant of $500,000. The second, obtained through California Prop 84 funding through the Department of Drinking Water (DDW) was for $365,000.



A gravity sewer system conveys domestic wastewater to the District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Balboa Avenue. The collection system is comprised of approximately 1.6 miles of gravity sewer pipe (mostly six inches in diameter). The District also receives wastewater from the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument (the State). Per our 2007 Waster Master Plan the Average Daily Flow (ADF) for the District is 77,500 gpd (gallons per day) based on flow records for 24 consecutive months from January 2004 through December 2005.


Title 22 Recycled Water

The SSCSD is extremely proud of its Recycled Water System (Title 22). The District’s Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is located at 9245 Balboa Ave adjacent to US Highway One. The Water Recycling Project was installed in 2012, to satisfy the Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) mandated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

Completed in 2012, the District’s Water Reuse Project provides Recycled Water to the community (some training may be required).  The water can also be purchased for large scale use. The system is designed to provide a maximum of approximately 0.036 million gallons per day. The District currently operates under Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R3-2007-0024, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit No. CA0005274.

If you have any questions about our Recycled Water Program, are looking for a Recycled Water Distributor, would like your site to be approved for Recycled Water irrigation, or would like to attend a training, please contact the District Office at 805-927-4778.