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Coastal Hazard Response Plan (CHRP):

SSCSD would appreciate feedback on ideas and expectations for a new wastewater treatment plant: design, ecological, environmentally friendly, water saving and producing, planet friendly, zero output, solar-powered, living walls and roofs/rooves, constructed wetland (if we can find a site, hopefully, donated), zero greenhouse gases, innovative bacteria growing methods, and a smaller footprint that also allows for future growth--just to note a few. Do the research. Pass this on to your children as a project--they often have a wealth of ideas and are creative. There are no stupid ideas! Teachers have complimented us on our website which has a wealth of knowledge.

Consistent with the requirements of Task 2 (Agency and Stakeholder Engagement) from the Coastal Commission LCP Amendment Grant Agreement, the District is committed to providing public outreach and opportunities for public input and questions through a comment period on the draft CHRP and through regular project updates at SSCSD Board Meetings.  The following is intended to be an important part of meeting this requirement.  Please refer to this web page and the District’s regular monthly meetings for additional updates and opportunities for public input.

Introduction and Background

The San Simeon wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was built on the blufftop
beachfront near Arroyo del Padre Juan Creek (Creek) in the 1960s.
Throughout its operation, the WWTP and larger site have been subject to
various coastal hazards that resulted in the District undertaking repair,
maintenance, upgrade, and adaptation activities, including the construction
of a riprap revetment along the northern and western bluff face in 1983,
replacement of the outfall pipeline in 1984, placement of riprap along the
banks of the Creek in 1995, and replacement of the pipe support structure
over the Creek in 1999, among others.

Coastal Development Permit # 3-19-0020

Several of the projects undertaken at the WWTP since its original
construction have occurred within the permitting jurisdiction of the
California Coastal Commission (CCC), and the District has previously
obtained two Coastal Development Permits (CDPs) for construction of a
flow-balancing tank in 1979 and installation of additional aeration and
clarifier tanks in 1985 (CDP Nos. 199-09 and 4-85-180). However, it was later determined that some of the subsequent facility maintenance projects would require a Coastal Development Permit after the fact.  As a result, CCC issued CDP No. 3-19-0020 in 2019
to authorize this development after the fact and specify conditions for the
WWTP’s continued operation and eventual relocation. One special condition
of the CDP required the development of the Coastal Hazards Response Plan

Coastal Hazards Response Plan (CHRP) Scope

The goal of this project is to provide the San Simeon community and
decision makers with comprehensive information for planning resilient
development and protection of critical infrastructure and coastal
resources. In order to address needed adaptive management of critical
infrastructure, SSCSD would develop a Coastal Hazards Response Plan that
would function as a technical report building on previous studies to
advance work on planning for WWTP relocation and revetment removal, while
addressing coastline climate change impacts. A preferred inland site (or
sites) for SSCSD wastewater treatment functions would be identified,
including evaluation of alternative wastewater treatment options in-lieu of
building a new WWTP. Potentially feasible alternatives involve construction
of an inland package plant, combining services with other nearby existing
WWTPs, and similar alternatives.

Draft Coastal Hazard Response Plan Outline

2008 Rincon Report Alternative Site Analysis

California Coastal Commission Correspondence 6.7.2022

Draft CHRP outline with comments from California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)

Community Input Regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation

 * 2022 11 14 WWTP Relocation letter from San Simeon Chamber of Commerce

 * 2022 12 07 Final Statement SSCSD WWTP Relocation 55 Signatories Owners Pine View

Regular updates on this project occur at the monthly Board Meetings.
Questions or comments please email