Request for Proposal

Welcome to the San Simeon CSD Request for Proposal Page.

RFP: Proposal from qualified engineering consulting firms

The San Simeon Community Service District (the “District”) is making a Request for Proposal (RFPs) from qualified engineering consulting firms to prepare an Addendum to the existing District Master Plan, based on the requirements of Urban Water Management Plans. The District’s current MasterPlan does not include information required in Urban Water Management Plans identified in the Urban Water Management Plan Guidebook 2020 prepared by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) on water supply reliability, drought risk assessment, water shortage contingency plans, and demand management measures. Instead, the District has adopted a water conservation ordinance that includes water shortage levels and demand management measures. In addition to the Master Plan and water conservation ordinance, a 2014 study on the Pico Creek groundwater basin provides information on the District’s source of supply and changes in water availability and water quality based on differing conditions including droughts, tides and other influences on Pico creek and its small coastal basin.


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