Information & Resources for Residents

Set up a utility account, read about District facilities, get recycled water for irrigation, find emergency information, read District newsletters, view financial information (audits, budgets, water rates), and get answers to frequently asked questions.



Water emergencies & natural disasters

If you are experiencing a water emergency at your property, please contact the office immediately. If you need assistance after hours please contact (805) 546-3612.

In the case of a natural disaster or for civil defense, please plan ahead and take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your pets, and your home in case of an emergency.


Pico Creek water

The District water supply comes from Pico Creek, a perennial stream that fluctuates based on groundwater levels in the upstream watershed as well as rainfall. The groundwater basin associated with the creek is the sole source of potable water for the community. The community, approximately 100 acres in size, has a residential and commercial (tourist centric) component.


Electricity, Gas, Trash, & Mail Services

To begin Water and Sewer Services in San Simeon please complete the customer contact page and submit a $50 deposit at the CSD office.  For important info and phone numbers click below.


SB 272

State Senate Bill 272 (SB 272) adds a new requirement to the California Public Records Act. It requires every local agency, except local educational agencies, to create a catalog of enterprise systems.


Reports & Notices

The District publishes an informative newsletter quarterly. If you have an item of local interest that you would like considered for the newsletter, please contact the District office.


Audits, Budgets & Historical Rate Structure

Information related to the District financials can be found in this section. If you are looking for older information, please contact the office for assistance.


Everything You Need To Know

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions like: billing cycles, bill payment, and water usage.